I didn’t get a chance to get away for long this Easter, so I have had to live vicariously through the Facebook posts of others.  I love going through the posts and reading reviews and discovering new places that I would love to visit in future.  I also love reading about people’s experiences and reviews of places I have been to and seeing what they think.

One of our favourite campgrounds is Island Reach at Imbil.  It’s a little bit of a thrill that when you click on the independent review on the Island Reach website, it takes you to the review that my sister wrote Island Reach Camping Review – by The Tent.  It seems that lots of fun was had by many over Easter, and that’s exactly the way that it should be. Island Reach is a fantastic spot and deserving of the accolades.

I guess that’s why I was a little perplexed when Triff told me of a comment she had seen in one of the camping Facebook groups a few weeks ago from a disgruntled visitor to Island Reach. The basis of the author’s complaint was that Continue reading


The True Cost of a Free House Sitter – the Caravan

Regular visitors to our blog may well already have met our two boofhead Ridgeback x Bull Mastiffs, Apollo and Buck.  As much as we love our caravan trips, it is always a dilemma about what to do with them when we take off for more than a night or two. This time we are off for five weeks, so it is an important consideration.

Certainly for a pair of hounds who have the run of our house, our idea of a pound is akin to a prison sentence.  Our friends and travelling companions have one German Shepherd.  They had looked into a service where your dog goes to live with another family for the duration of your holiday.  They match your pooch up with an appropriate foster carer and you get to meet that person to make sure you are happy with the match beforehand.  It was going to cost $1300 for one dog for five weeks. Two dogs for five weeks…that is a princely sum.  Not for these little penny-pinchers.  No way!

The answer of course is obvious.  Find a housesitter who wants to live rent free for five weeks.  Good candidates are impoverished uni students who still live with their parents and are itching for a few weeks away from the parental scrutiny.  So, having managed to snag one of these, we sat back and smugly thought how great it was that we had someone to look after the dogs….for FREE!

Think again.

Having someone else living in your house for any period of time makes you look at your home through new eyes.  For the first time in about 18 months you find yourself looking to the ceiling.  What are those four brown furry protusions in the middle of the roof? Oh…they are ceiling fan blades. The eyes are then drawn to the corners of the room. Exactly when did the house become the set for Continue reading