Goomeri, Pumpkins and Wine – A guest review by Gail Chapman

Just to let you know I am not much of a writer, nor do I have the story telling ability as Miss Rosie (TheTent).. but here is my review as a guest blogger….

Barambah Bush Caravan Park

Morning at Barambah Bush Caravan Park

It was around the BBQ table when we discussed going to Goomeri for the much talked about Pumpkin Festival.  Ok,  maybe not so much discussed, but for a few years we had been thinking we should go and check it out. So back to the BBQ table – It was decided that “Yes”,  we were going and our friends Karen and John were coming with us.  This Festival is held on the last Sunday in May.  According to locals, the town’s population swells from 500 to 10,000 people.  That is a massive amount of people to inundate a small town! Where would you put that many people anyway?  The answer is the local show- grounds, then overflow them onto the local sports ground. Pretty much all the people that come to attend this event are in fact Caravaners and Campers!  We (myself and husband Garry) are more Glampers than Campers so we opted to stay at the Barambah Bush Caravan Park, situated approximately 12 -13 kms up the road.  This is a lovely Park, we have stayed there previously and have only good things to say about it.. The amenities are always clean and Continue reading