Camping obsessions, we all have them, right? – Ramblings from the tent

In follow up to; I wasn’t much of a camper, Camping Phobia’s and Kitting up for camping.

Jason and I were invited along for Easter camping (2013) with Triff and Steve (the trailer) and their/our friends Ray and Phil.

With two camping trips under my belt (one over-nighter and a five dayer at Lake Eildon in Vitoria), I was reasonably confident that I could handle this camping thing. Jason jumped quickly on my new found love of the great outdoors.  So, we headed out and purchased a crap-tonne of camping equipment.  We have a one tonne ute, and it seems that this is the exact weight of camping paraphernalia required for rookies such as ourselves.

The last time we camped with the trailer, all we contributed was some financial aid.  We arrived with our booze, clothes and some bedding.  So imagine the surprise on the Trailer’s face when we rocked up with a ute load of glistening new equipment that rivalled their stash of belongs gathered over decades of trips with friends both past and present? Was it showy? Was it overkill?  No! It was enthusiasm, it was excitement, it was Jason and I, together, embracing the inevitably wonderful world of camping that it is.

camping stuff

All the creature comforts of a Caravan, only flat packed!

We all know that camping is awesome, but we all have slightly different ways in how we tackle it.  Something that seems important to one can seem ludicrous to the next.  Jason and  I, for instance, are rather fond of Continue reading


Kitting up for camping – The Tent

Choosing our Tent

With a couple of trips under our belt and Jason thankful for my new found love of camping, we were now  faced with the task of kitting up for camping. Jason and I had been together  twelve years by the first time I went camping. Although Jason has camped his entire life and been in previous ownership of all things camping, over the years, his supply had dwindled. No tent, no mattress, no stove a camping trip does not make!

Choosing a tent is a daunting task, the variety on the market is inexhaustible. Finding your needs in the right price bracket, colour considerations and ease of erection are but some of the things on the tent buyer’s checklist.

Two Christmases ago we camped with some friends at Lake Eildon in Victoria. We flew in from Queensland so had nothing but financial aid (and wit and awesome company) to contribute to the trip. They had a gigantic tent, I’m sure on the packaging there would have been a pictorial of 30 black silhouettes lined up in every nook and cranny inside the seams.( Do tent manufacturers really think this is how people want to experience camping,  hop scotching over bodies?)  Anyway, huge tent, with four rooms but only one entrance, no fire exit! Although we didn’t sleep thirty that week, it Continue reading