“Alone Across Australia” a Book Review by The Trailer (Triff)

Jon Muir   One man’s trek across a continent

Jon Muir Alone Across AustraliaHave you been driving through a seemingly isolated dirt tract, say in outback Queensland, where it is kilometers to any nearest town, and you come across a cyclist riding along to……….

We have seen this on our journeys and wondered Why? Why would you want to carry all your gear on a bicycle, and take so long to get to where you are going? Why would you not want to sleep in a comfortable bed at night, snuggled under a quilt if it got cold? Why would you not want to be dry in a car if it started to rain? Why would you not want a nice juicy steak for dinner, washed down with a glass of red?

Jon Muir’s Alone Across Australia, is the incredible story of how one man and his dog, travelled 2500 kilometers across Australia, from Port Augusta at the top of Spencer Gulf in South Australia, to Burketown on the Gulf of Carpentaria, in Queensland. It was Jon’s fourth attempt at this trip, and his dog Seraphine’s second.

Jon’s only travel equipment was a handmade cart which he pulled behind, and a pair of poles to aid in movement. There were times when he had to drag or carry the cart as the wheels became bogged, or the ground too rutted for the wheels to move. The cart contained his camping gear, basic food for himself and Seraphine, a gun, maps and a compass, his camera and sound recording equipment. Jon managed to set up his camera and record most of his journey, which took him 128 days.

Jon was determined to live off the land in the manner of indigenous Australians. The journey was not easy, and over the course of the trip, he faced drought and scorching heat, torrential rain, wild dingoes, hunger, loneliness and heartache, and physical and mental exhaustion. In a testament to Jon’s strength, in spite of losing over one third of his body weight over the 128 days, four months after he returned home, he embarked on a journey to the North Pole.

Alone Across Australia is a fascinating read which makes you think about  human determination and resilience. It makes you appreciate the size and vastness of this incredible country in which we are so lucky to call home. It is a beautiful story between a man and his “best friend”.

I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of Alone Across Australia from my local library.  Here is a link to a Jon Muir page where you can purchase your own signed copy of the book or DVD.  jonmuir.wikispaces.com/BOOKS+AND+FILMS

Triff (The Trailer)