The Quest for Australia’s Best Pork Cutlet

I can’t help it.  I am a sucker for the meat of our porcine friends. Bacon, ham, leg roast with oodles of crackling, I can’t go past pork.  Once a staple of any pub menu, the pork cutlet is becoming a bit harder to find, but if there’s one there, it’s a pretty fair bet I’ll order it.

As we travel around the country, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to find Australia’s best.  Quite frankly, I think I have already had it.  Triff cooked the most delicious pork rib roast for Christmas lunch last year, and I feel that anything else will pale by comparison, but there’s a lot of travelling to be done and many cutlets ahead.

The Criterion Hotel, Dalby – July 28, 2014

What the menu said:

A juicy pork cutlet served on mash with crisp asparagus, seared tomatoes, mustard sauce and a caramalised jus.

What it looked like: