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Welcome to  the Tent, The Trailer, The Caravan. We hope you enjoy us sharing our camping adventures with you and we look forward to hearing all about yours. Who are we? We are Kath (The Caravan), Triff (The Trailer) and Rose ( The Tent). We are three of six children who grew up on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland. We are numbers one two and five of Mum and Dad’s brood.  We also have another sister and two brothers.”Whilst the boys are now living away from the Coast, and our youngest sister lives in Canada, the rest of us are still here on the Coast, or gravitated back as in the case of Rose and Kath.

We grew up on a small farm where Mum and Dad grew strawberries and during the off season: beans, tomatoes, sweet corn and zucchini.  We had goats, and it seemed every other weekend the station wagon would be loaded with us kids, the trailer loaded with goats and we would be off to a regional show somewhere in the great South-east. We always had dogs and cats, chooks and guinea fowl,  and geese (which we loved as they scared our grandfather away). At one stage we had guinea pigs which we decided would be better off being free range; needless to say this was a bit of a disaster and we try not to talk about that episode. There always seemed to be many, many snakes in the ceiling, in the house or somewhere. There was a bug zapper at the path to the patio and at night hundreds of cane toads would sit around catching the bugs as they fell to the ground. Some of those toads found their way into the house as well.  Yuck.

It was a house of fun and laughter, food and work (hard work).

Growing up on a farm meant that if there was time for a holiday, there was no money, if there was money for a holiday, there was no time. Mum and Dad had two days off a year, one was Christmas day, the other was for the televised Bathurst 1000.  After they got electricity in the packing shed, they didn’t have  Bathurst off either.  As a result of this, the only holidays us kids took were with school camps.  Except for Kath (don’t mention Tallebudgera), whose first and only school camp was for the subject Agricultural Science.  Day 1, stop 1 was the meat-works at Kilcoy.  (Enough said.)

On odd occasions when the farm was quieter we would all jump into the station wagon. With Mum, Dad and five kids (Selena, the youngest, was not yet born) we’d take a day trip to somewhere?  To us kids it was an adventure as we never knew where we were going, actually I’m not sure Mum and Dad did either. Dad always used to say “I’ll follow the car in front of me, he knows where he’s going.”

The one occasion that always stands out in our memories is the short lived trip to the Bunya Mountains.  There is nothing like a spur of the minute decision to pack the car, chuck together some sandwiches and hit the road.  After a two and half hour drive and exhausting every possible road trip car game, we finally arrived at our beautiful destination.  So excited were us kids that we instantly galloped for the walking tracks ready to undertake our latest adventure.  We were kids; we didn’t notice the wind roaring through the trees or the sub zero temperature… we were out to have us some fun!

Our fun and adventures were quickly interrupted by our Dad’s shivering, quivering, bare footed, unjumpered,  shorts and T’shirted  scream “Get back  in the car it’s too bloody cold”.  So ends our fifteen minute excursion to the Bunya Mountains. Needless to say the drive home was not as jolly as getting there, though we did have plenty of food.

While not all our trips were disastrous, they were few and far between. Each one was filled with its own precious memories and although our family never enjoyed a full holiday together, these short trips set in motion our love for the great outdoors.  Be it a day trip, a camping weekend or a full blown road trip, as individuals or together, we all love experiencing new places and want to share our stories and knowledge with you here.

Our mission is to find the best campsites!  No doubt, along the way, we will find the good, the bad and the ugly, the quirky, the quaint and the queer (hopefully not all at the one place).  We’ll write about them, photograph them and share them.

Happy camping everyone, time to get the fire lit…

Kath, Triff and Rose

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  1. Cool we’d love to make it on some of your trips, am sure it would make for an interesting blog :) Look forward to your adventures! luv the McCallum’s x

  2. Sounds like a wonderful childhood, With the technology of today I fear these sorts of childhood experiences have been lost.

  3. Good work girls….I remember all about those toads, after Triffs wedding and we came back home and someone forgot to close the door. Worse night off my life.

    • I used to have to try and call the dogs through to scare away all the toads before I would even attempt to get into the house. Yuck!!

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