Cobb and Co Nine Mile – A Review by the Caravan

If you build it, they will come…

Ok. So I have borrowed from the Kevin Costner film where his character put all his money into building a baseball diamond in his cornfield so that his long dead father could come and play. If you remember, at the end of the film there is a long shot of miles of headlights headed for the field to watch the games.

I’m starting to think this catchphrase definitely applies to campgrounds. These days, with social media amplifying the tried and true method of word-of-mouth, it truly seems that if you build one, they will come.

Cobb and Co Nine Mile Camping, Gympie

Such is undoubtedly the case with Cobb and Co Nine Mile, just south of Gympie and less than one hour from the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We spent our first weekend at Cobb and Co a couple of years ago. Back then, you could pretty much have the run of the place. These days, even the quieter weekends seem to be a bit busier, but there is so much space, that it never gets claustrophobic. Back then, we were the ones spreading the word about this wonderful place, but these days I am hard up finding a camping friend who has never been there. Its popularity will no doubt continue to grow. Not long ago it was featured on Channel 7’s “The Great South-East”. That means those city slickers from Brisvegas now know about this great camping spot within two hours of the state capital.

If you have kids and dogs, they will love it here. The kids will find plenty of space to kick a ball, ride their bikes (including on the track that has been built for that very purpose), zipping along on the flying fox, patting the baby farm animals or swimming or paddling on the lagoon. You could always try chucking a yabby pot in as well, but I reckon our boy caught the only breeding male two years ago. Give it a crack just don’t count on a feed!

Cobb and Co Nine Mile Camping, Gympie

Cobb and Co Nine Mile is great for groups. If you have friends that don’t camp (apparently there are still people out there like that), they can even join you and “glamp” in one of the permanent tents scattered around the campgrounds. It really doesn’t get much better than that. There is a modern ablutions block servicing the whole of the camp, and numerous drop toilets around the grounds, so it’s never too far to walk. Now the very words “drop toilet” are enough to strike fear into the hearts of even some seasoned campers (believe me, I’ve used some incredibly dodgy ones….Welford National Park……shudder….springs to mind!) but if it’s possible to love a drop toilet, I love the ones here. It’s amazing how solar powered lighting, deodoriser and a heart-shaped vanity mirror can bring a touch of luxury to the most basic of amenities.

brooloo-cobb and co-charlie moreland 101

The Mothar Mountain Rock Pools are a five minute drive away, and it’s a fifteen minute drive (if that) into Gympie if you need to stock up (or you discover that your gas cooker hose needs replacing after you nearly singe your eyebrows off!). The Sunshine Coast beaches are within easy reach if you want to head off on a day trip, or head north and Rainbow Beach is pretty close as well.

I think what really makes Cobb and Co Nine Mile is that it is family run. That means the owners know what appeals to families and they have built a place that welcomes and caters to them. Well done to Sean and Katherine. They built it, and now they come. They have truly created a field of dreams.

To book Cobb and Co go to  –www.cobb-and-co-nine-mile-camping-grounds.com

Kath, Mark and Connor – The Caravan


Brooloo Park Camping Ground, Imbil – A review by the Tent

A working property, a campground, a hidden oasis; Brooloo Park Camping Ground, Imbil is all of this and so much more.

Our fantastic friends Megan and Michael recently invited us out to Brooloo park for a couple of nights. Feelers went out to others who might also like to seek refuse from the rat-race and join us for our stay, as is common in the camping community. It was about here that things started getting a little sketchy, every lead on the internet lead to frustration and paranoia as to whether this place even existed at all anymore; broken web pages, bad reviews, questions, questions, questions. Although my tag-alongers tried hard to convince me that camping here was a bad idea, I comforted them with the reassurance that management had recently changed, some hiccups had occurred and that we would indeed be in good hands and looked after upon arrival.

So here’s what I know. Brooloo Park as aforementioned has recently changed ownership. The new owners Body, Ros and their combined families have been the proud, enthusiastic and dedicated new owners for eight weeks now. With big visions and grand passion for their newly acquired 270 acres of Land, Body and Rose are committed to maintaining and improving what can only be referred to as a Continue reading