Charlie Moreland Campground, Imbil State Forest , Kenilworth – A review by the Trailer

We are so blessed on the Sunshine Coast to have so many camping options available to us nearby. Charlie Moreland at Kenilworth is one such option that is fantastic for a weekend getaway. Situated on Sunday Creek Road, this camping ground is a popular spot on weekends. Currently undergoing some renovations, the weekend we chose to visit, two thirds of the camping area was closed off. It made the Park seem a lot busier than it was as we all had to camp in the same area rather than being spread out. As we drove in, Stephen looked for a sensible flat place to camp, while I looked for where I wanted to camp. Naturally, I won, and we ended up having to level the trailer across a hill. I always look for shade, grass and away from other campers. The shade we nailed! The grass not so much; probably cause so many people had been squished up on the one side of the park that they have wore the grass out. Away from other people? We didn’t do too badly, we backed onto the fence and forest, so at least no one could camp behind us.

Charlie Moreland Camp Grounds, Imbil State Forest, Kenilworth

Our camp in the early morning sunlight. Who needs grass?

There seemed to be ample fire rings for the number of people there, and we all managed to spread out. There are taps throughout the park (boiling the water is recommended) and new gardens going in but it will be interesting to see how long these last between the campers, and the bush turkeys. No work was carried out during the weekend , so in that regard it was nice and quiet.

Charlie Moreland Campgounds, Imbil

There is a great swimming hole at Charlie Moreland, but it is one of those lovely fresh water creeks that, even in the middle of summer, the water is freezing cold. There are several walking tracks if you are feeling energetic, and if you love 4WDing there are tracks through the forest. They must be good, as on Saturday morning, an entire squadron of Monster trucks roared through the campsite on their way to 4WDing. (Anyway, that’s what it sounded like to those of us trying to have a sleep in!) That does bring me to one of the negatives about Charlie Moreland. Sunday Creek Road goes right through the middle of the campground and seems to constantly bring traffic.

Charlie Moreland Campground, Imbil State Forest, Kenilworth

The swimming hole. Not even kids are brave enough to swim in winter.

The new work underway has resulted in new amenities blocks being built. They are beautiful new buildings but:

  1. The Park Ranger who put the spare loo paper balancing on the wall between toilets must have been about seven feet tall. I’m six foot, and had to jump and tap the roll so it would fall on to the floor. Glad I had a tissue in my pocket. On a plus side, it was the nicest and softest toilet paper I have ever experienced at any National Park, in fact pretty well any public toilet.
  2. You do need to get used to the Unisex toilet thing?
  3. While it may be a lovely new building, I didn’t like the gap at the bottom of the walls that will allow any creepy crawly thing to go where it likes, and also allows sounds to travel quite freely between stalls. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like the echoing of ………………. around the stalls. I’m sure you get my drift.
  4. Nice new building but still no showers or hot water.
Charlie Moreland Campground, Imbil State Forest, Kenilworth

A bit of excitement as the RACQ Care flight Helicopter lands on the causeway to rescue an injured motor bike rider. Impressive flying.

I do love Charlie Moreland but it is a funny place as there is so much of the site that is not level. A big problem when you have a trailer or caravan. The last time we were out there we had one side of the trailer jacked up about a foot in the air. We almost had to have an engineering plan drawn up just for the camping. We did fair much better this time, but am looking forward to popping out again once the work is completed to see what they have done. It almost seems like they have made it smaller, or are even leaning towards numbering the campsites which does have its pros and cons. All will be revealed in the next month or so. Charlie Moreland is one of those great campsites where you wake up to the sound of wood being chopped echoing through the campgrounds (once the monster trucks are gone). It’s very relaxing and great for a weekend getaway.

Would we go again? Absolutely. In fact, we are already booked in for a weekend in July for a friends 50th birthday. I look forward to seeing the work completed, oh, and if you happen to be there too, I apologise, in advance,  for any sounds at the toilets.

(These are some photos taken of our July trip after this original post was written.  This is the “New Charlie Moreland” and they’ve done a really, really top job)

To book camping at Charlie Moreland follow this link – http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/imbil/camping.html go to the bottom of the page and click Book On Line. The cost of camping at Charlie Moreland is $7.50/Adult/night and $4.50/child/night.

Access is really easy for caravans/ campers & tents and they will even let in 2 wheel drive!

Triff and Stephen

The Trailer