I didn’t get a chance to get away for long this Easter, so I have had to live vicariously through the Facebook posts of others.  I love going through the posts and reading reviews and discovering new places that I would love to visit in future.  I also love reading about people’s experiences and reviews of places I have been to and seeing what they think.

One of our favourite campgrounds is Island Reach at Imbil.  It’s a little bit of a thrill that when you click on the independent review on the Island Reach website, it takes you to the review that my sister wrote Island Reach Camping Review – by The Tent.  It seems that lots of fun was had by many over Easter, and that’s exactly the way that it should be. Island Reach is a fantastic spot and deserving of the accolades.

I guess that’s why I was a little perplexed when Triff told me of a comment she had seen in one of the camping Facebook groups a few weeks ago from a disgruntled visitor to Island Reach. The basis of the author’s complaint was that caterpillars had fallen from the trees onto their tarp and someone had pooed in the shower.

Excuse me?

Insects are insects.  They drop from trees. Cicadas dive-bomb into your washing up water. Ants terrorise picnics. Grasshoppers will invade everything if the conditions are right. Caterpillars are caterpillars and their penchant for dropping out of trees should not be the basis of a bad review.

And neither should the presence of human grubs.

I have camped at Island Reach many times.  It is dog friendly.  I can’t recall ever seeing a single piece of dog excrement anywhere.  It is a clean and well-maintained camp.

I can’t say that I would be too impressed if I was confronted by faeces in the shower either, but far from blaming the establishment, I would be looking at every other person in that camp ground with suspicion, bordering on derision.

I would be sympathising and empathising with the camp ground managers who have to clean it up.

Aside from cleaning and disinfecting, just what does the reviewer expect the management to do about it?  Employ someone 24/7 to stand watch in the ablutions block to do a post-check every time someone emerges from a shower cubicle? Surveillance cameras? Wouldn’t that open a can of worms?

If there is one unwritten rule of camping, it is to respect your fellow campers. Of all the disrespectful acts, fouling the shared facilities would be the worst I have ever heard of.

Sadly, it wasn’t a one off.  The last time I visited Island Reach, my son found this sign in the men’s shower block. His photography is not the best, but the sentiments are loud and clear: frustration, anger and contempt.

Island Reach CampingI hope they ended up catching them, and I hope they got booted out and banned from Island Reach for life.

But in reality, while many campgrounds ban dogs, no such ban can be applied to feral grubs with disgusting hygiene.  They walk among us, they camp among us.  They look human, but the only shit they give about anyone else is the one they deposit on the floor of a shower cubicle.

Let’s be rightly outraged by this appalling behaviour and disrespect for every other person in that camp, but let’s not blame the management for it.

I’ll be back, Island Reach, and if the person who posted the comment happens to read this blog, hopefully they will realise what they are missing out on by assigning blame to things that cannot be controlled and they will come back too.

Written by The Caravan and supported by The Tent and The Trailer




  1. Well said. Whoever they are they deserve to be ‘named and shamed’. Unfortunately that type of person is so ignorant that he wouldn’t even realise you were speaking to HIM!!!

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