Fishing Haven Holiday Park – Yamba, NSW – a review by the Tent

Fishing Haven Holiday Park – Yamba, Iluka and Maclean

Yamba, on the Beautiful Clarence Coast – famous for its fishing and popular to campers on the East Coast of Australia.

Our original plan for the Christmas holidays was to have a jaunt at Stradbroke Island. However, by the time the additional week of my holidays was approved, Stradie was booked out- so began the great South East Coastal hunt for a camping spot over new years.

Garry, our friend and camping companion on our holiday, with phone and laptop in hand, set about  the arduous task of finding  us a piece of paradise to call home for 7 days.  Five weeks out from Christmas and you would’ve thought this a relatively easy task, but that it was not. ( oh, my camping naivety)  After two days of research, myriad rejections and sarcastic giggles, Garry was lucky enough to nail us two sites at Fishing Haven Holiday Park on the mighty Clarence River at Yamba.  This was great news but did come with some conditions. The first night, Jason and I (the Tent) were to share Gail and Garry’s site and move to our own site the next day… New Years day… when our heads might be a little sore and sorry, the sun too bright and the heat of the day too much for our weary bodies to bare.  To our great surprise and overwhelming gratitude, we arrived at the park to find that Sarah – the wonderfully, wonderful park manager, had juggled some bookings around. We were able to set up on our own site from day one, more thrilling news would not pass my ears for the rest of 2014!

Fishing Haven Holiday Park, Yamba, NSW

Fishing Haven Holiday Park, Yamba, NSW

The management team at Fishing Haven are, by far, the best that I have experienced in my camping escapades to date.  The five or so original phone calls upon booking were met with nothing but Continue reading