Camp Oven Sticky Date Pudding – a recipe from the Trailer

We are not experts at camp oven cooking, but we just like to give it a go and see what happens.

I think it’s almost impossible  not  to cook a good camp oven roast, but… we are still trying to master our pork crackling. One disastrous attempt saw us removing the rind from the pork in an attempt to crackle it separately. Mark and Kath (The Caravan), were on their second outing in the new Expanda Van. Mark was going to cook the rind in the Baby Q, when he went searching for the gas fittings that, ahh, he hadn’t packed?!  With everyone else checking their fittings, and nothing else coming close, it was on to plan B; that is – try crisp the rind on the BBQ plate over the fire.  Campfire in site, Mark balanced the rind on the end of two knives and made the hazardous journey from van to fire. Carefully dodged awning poles, tarpaulin ropes, myriad tables and chairs (re: previous post – Camping obsessions) and with just a few mere steps left to the fire, the rind begrudging  slid off the knives and onto the ashen dirt below.  The following result of retrieving, washing and pat-drying said rind did not, needless to say, turn into the beautiful crispy rind we had all been hoping for. We do NOT recommend this method of cooking.

Camp Oven Steamed Pudding

Camp Oven Steamed Pudding

Another important factor we have learnt, is to actually work out the sizes of the camp ovens you have and what you are going to use them for. One night we were doing steamed sticky date pudding for dessert. Being a showery night we decided to boil it in a stainless steel bucket on the gas, rather than over the fire.  We then had the problem of what to use to keep the steam pudding dish off the bottom of the bucket.  After several drinks and plans, the boys decided to crush beer cans and use them as a base. Brilliant. Pudding mix prepared,  beer cans in, water on to boil, we just had to wait.  As the water reached boiling point we picked up the steam pudding dish to submerse it in our boiling water and… the pudding basin Continue reading